Friday, April 13, 2012

Scaleit W8 - Truck Scale Software

Our mission is to be the #1 choice world wide in truck scale software solutions.

We’re changing the way U.S. businesses manage their truck scales. Scaleit W8 is a new concept that radically changes the way scale software is acquired and used.

Scaleit W8 truck scale software is offered as a free download where customers pay only as they use the software, making it both an economical solution for smaller operations and a cutting package for the largest.

Truck scale software shouldn’t be expensive to acquire, use or upgrade. With Scaleit W8users have the ability to leverage easy to use state-of-the-art truck scale software with NO capital outlay and low annual operating cost.

Our mission is to be the industries’ #1 choice of weighing software in aggregate, waste and recycling weighing solutions!"

Scaleit USA is a Florida based company delivering weights and measuring software solutions for the US market. We sell and support Scaleit W8, a revolutionary concept in measuring software that is a brand new concept for weighing operations in the US. 

Truck Scale Software – free downloads

Our software is a free download where costumers pay only for the use of the software. Customer training is simple, via online video. Our expert team at Scaleit also offers personalized, comprehensive remote support. Our goal is to deliver an easy to install and use weighing software, with no up-front investment and low annual cost.

Scandinavian Weighing Quality

Scaleit USA is an affiliate of Scaleit Group, a Scandinavian provider of advanced weighing software and equipment. Scaleit has more then 50 employees in a number of European countries with long track record of service. As a weights and measuring software provider since 1986, you can rely on Scaleit products and support to meet the needs of your demanding business.

  • Easy to use graphical user interface, accessible by keyboard and mouse.
  • Preset branch application setup; Aggregate, Recycling, Waste, and generic interface.
  • Extreme flexibility with configuration of application.
  • Connect to all major truck scales; Fairbanks, Avery Weigh-Tronix, Mettler-Toledo, Cardinal, Rice Lake.
  • Integration with multiple Accounting Software Applications; QuickBooks, Sage Peachtree, and others.
  • Integration with RFID modules and unmanned self-weighing terminals.
  • Integration with Credit Card terminals and Digital Signature Pads.
  • Image capture from video cameras or image scanners.
  • W8 can run in multi-company and multi-department mode, with separate or common clients, projects, products, and vehicles.
  • Functional security by defining users with different access rights and security roles.
  • Robust data protection by using of professional database engine Microsoft SQL Server.
  • Built-in Database Backup Utility with ability to set up a schedule to run backups.
  • Multi-lingual interface English, French, and Spanish.
  • Vehicle weighing - in, out or internal weighing with clients, projects, multiple products, price lists, and notes on scale ticket.
  • Use more companies and/or departments with different branch interfaces at same time.
  • Users can be setup as administrators, power user, restricted user, or make your own security profiles.
  • Product price sheets with tier pricing based on department, client, and/or project.
  • Connect up to 10 scales, mix scale brand, truck scale or floor scale, units (tons/pound/kg) on same system.
  • Show and hide prices on scale ticket; billing by invoice, pay by with cash, credit card or check.
  • Preview scale ticket. Reprint, edit, and void scale tickets with ease.
  • Design your own scale tickets, even with your own logo.
  • Design your own weighing user interface or use preset user interface like Recycling.
  • Design your own reports or redesign built-in reports.
  • Scaleit W8 allows you to customize reports to fit your exact needs.
  • Go Green! Scaleit W8 allows you to send Scale Tickets by E-mail or SMS Text Messaging.
  • Integrated security, preventing unauthorized access.
  • Wide range of built in statistical reports.
  • Easy design of customized reports, according to your needs.
  • Extended filter and group capabilities.
  • Export reports to various formats; pdf, doc, xls, csv, txt, and others.

  • Interfacing with third-party applications; QuickBooks, Sage Peachtree, etc.
  • Grouping and filtering of exported data.
  • Import of primary data (customers, products, etc.) from accounting software of previous weighing application.
  • Online Export (web service, ODBC, etc.) or offline export (text file).
  • Digital weight indicators – Scaleit W8 can connect to any indicator using RS232, RS485/422, USB, or TCP/IP.
  • Scale ticket on graphic printer with logo etc, label printer, matrix printer or sent as e-mail or text message.
  • Connect to unmanned self-weighing terminals or automatic RFID systems.
  • Connect to Credit Card termnals and documentation scanners (driver license, passport, checks, docs).
  • Connect to signatur pads and fingerprint scanners.
  • Image capturing from IP cameras and video surveillance system.
  • Image capturing from integrated video camera, surveillance system or image scanners.
  • Digital I/O for controlling barriers, traffic lights or other automation element.
  • Scaleit W8 can be installed on all Windows operating systems; XP, Vista, Windows 7 or Server 2003/2008.
  • Scaleit W8 is built on Microsoft latest technology; .NET framework and SQL server.
  • Use a single computer installation or several installations in a network with a common database.
  • Use single installation with a database on each site and a common database over internet (web service).
System Requirements:
  • Microsoft Windows 7
  • Microsoft Windows Vista
  • Microsoft Windows XP
  • Microsoft Windows Server 2003
  • Microsoft Windows Server 2008
Scaleit W8 can run on any of the above operation system, and on any version like Professional, Home, or Server. Both 32bit and 64bit versions are supported. Scaleit W8 will work on any combination of these systems. Scaleit W8 can be installed on a single computer or in a LAN with a central SQL database. In 2011 remote database can be used over internet. SQL 2000, SQL 2005 and SQL 2008 is supported. Scaleit W8 uses SQL 2005 Express on a single computer installation.

Support of Truck Scale Software

Our expert team at Scaleit offers personalized, comprehensive remote support.

Scaleit LLC will offer free phone and secure remote support for all clients during business hours. If for any reason onsite support is request, the client will be invoiced for all expenses. Support issues will be handled in order of their severity. With the most sever taking priority over the least sever. Scaleit LLC is dedicated to keeping all of our customers up and running at all times and will do whatever it takes to ensure all issues are taken care of as quick as possible!

Scaleit LLC is an affiliate of Scaleit Group, a Scandinavian provider of advanced weighing software and equipment. Scaleit has 50 employees in a number of European countries with long track record of service. As a weights and measuring software provider since 1986, you can rely on Scaleit products and support to meet the needs of your demanding business.

Online video training

Scaleit W8 truck scale software is robust and flexible, yet very easy to use. With Scaleit W8 there is no need for complicating schedules with expensive initial training courses. Hands-on training tools are available at your convenience and at no cost. All training is done by online video both included in the Scaleit W8 software and on Easy instructional videos are also available on YouTube

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  1. It is great to hear about this option of getting good weighing software. I help my husband with his business of helping to weigh trucks. The only problem is that we are having trouble finding good software for it. We need to get a good system set up so that we can weigh the trucks properly and accurately. It sounds like this software is really great, but we will probably look around a bit more just to be sure! Thanks for the post!